3 Top Tips for a Great Mobile Gaming Experience

By | September 1, 2023

The revenue for gaming on mobile phones has not only surpassed all other forms of gaming combined but it looks set to continue to do so. As such, there are more opportunities for players wanting to engage with games on their smartphones and more competition for developers to ensure their game is played. In such a fiercely competitive environment, it’s important to ensure that players have a positive experience. So, here are three tips for a great gaming experience on smartphones.

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Expand Franchises

A clever trick for ensuring that games are good on smartphones is to rely on an already successful franchise. Pokémon Go, while a new game, is based on knowledge of the Pokémon franchise. New games such as the Crash Bandicoot mobile game aims to appeal to those who have played or encountered the marsupial on other platforms. Some games are even available in the same format on mobile, such as Fortnite and Minecraft.

By expanding franchises to mobile, players are set to have a great experience because the format has already been established. So, developers can then focus on ensuring that this experience itself is top-notch, without worrying too much about the gameplay style, any narrative, or characterization. Plus, the franchise usually has more money to work with initially than a brand new one. Mobile games that are based on existing IP have more of a guarantee of bringing in players in a competitive space.

Offer a Choice

The online casino industry represents one facet of mobile gaming where platforms are faced with healthy competition from many different sites and developers. This competition helps foster a great experience for players. As we can see with the options for playing online casino for real money in India, for instance, offering players a choice can result in a positive experience on a global scale.

This choice ranges from blackjack, poker, and roulette table games, which reflect the experience of the casino, to live variants of these games, which embrace modern tech. In addition to these classics, online slots are also offered in abundance. The range of themes and titles covered by online slots provides a choice, which means there is something to please every kind of player.   

Source: Pexels

Be Innovative

Some of the most successful mobile games have embraced new technology to not only offer players a new concept but a new way of engaging with this concept. Apple’s pioneering Angry Birds game took advantage of the touchscreen elements of the iPhone as part of the gameplay. Temple Run did the same with the motion detection ability of the smartphone, too, allowing players to use the phone itself as a controller.

Another innovation has come in the form of allowing players to engage with their social networks as they play. This may not seem particularly ground-breaking. But given the solitary nature of gaming when it first launched, to be able to play games such as Words with Friends and Candy Crush Saga by harnessing social networks, shows gaming’s innovation in line with the growth of smartphone tech.

Ultimately, to deliver a strong mobile gaming experience, players must have lots of choice of what they play and how they play it. It helps when they can test out gaming experiences through existing franchises that they already engage with. It is also befitting a good gaming experience to be able to push the boundaries of innovation.

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