90 ML Full Movie download Leaked Online On First Day | Will This Effect The Karthikeya Starrer?

90 ML was a lot present in the news reports recently because of the trouble given by the censor board before the release. Now the movie got enough people following and full movie leaked online already. It will obviously affect the box office collection records without any question.

Karthik is praised for his role in the movie as a villain in Gang Leader. He is getting a more praised role in this movie. The movie got a lot of criticism and clash from the Alcohol ban group. The members of the committee said that the film will be peacefully blocked rather than screened. At the time of the film’s release, it was revealed that they would protest peacefully at the IMAX theatre.

90 ML poster


The movie with all these problems received a lot of media attention. Now for some days, it has been running on the theatres with a lot of audiences. With the movie leaked the story will see an unfortunate change as always. Any movie with a lot of attention after it leaks online gets a lot of viewers to watch it illegally. It is a sure thing that the box office collection of this movie is set to stagger after this incident as it is for any other movie in this condition.

The filmmakers are now facing a huge threat because of this issue. India, with a huge population, is always a very promising market for the entertainment industry. With the high-end device availability for cheap cost made it literally impossible for the authority to catch the culprits. The depressing trend is that a huge amount of the population is supporting these piraters as they get a chance to watch the newly released movie from the comfort of their home.

he availability of VPN apps makes it so easy to hide their identity and feel no guilt or fear about wrongdoing. Edakkad Battalion 06 being the new prey of Online piracy each day there will be a new one.


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