Ashwamedham Full Movie Download Leaked Online on Tamilrockers | Box Office Run To Be Affected?

By | December 27, 2019

Telugu Film Ashwamedham which was only released on the 6th of December has already leaked online today. Now that the movie has only done running for a few days it is hard to say how bad it will affect the collection records of the movie.

People are coming out to watch this movie in very good numbers and the content is looking quite good in the movie. It is an action movie based on thriller and it is directed by Nitin G and produced by Priya Nair, Vandana Yadav. Also, the movie is featuring Dhruva Karunakar, Sonya, and Shivangi in the main leading roles.

Ashwamedham Poster

The movie’s plus points include the great direction, screenplay, and best-in-class editing. While the negative points of the movie are said to be mediocre cinematography and acting. The background score of the movie is not much appreciated by the viewers. Yet the movie is receiving good viewers as of now. But it has yet to be seen how it will be affected by the online leakage.

The pirated movies are sadly preferred by a lot of people as it is free and they don’t have to leave from the comfort of their home. The government took every possible measure to counter this practice. They tried to ban the original domain many times but they will sprout up with a new website within hours. The free availability of VPN makes it almost impossible to get a hold on the wrongdoers.

The availability of VPN apps makes it so easy to hide their identity and feel no guilt or fear about wrongdoing. Edakkad Battalion 06 being the new prey of Online piracy each day there will be a new one.

The increasing knowledge on how to hide your identity online makes the public to follow these immoral practices without fear of being caught. We strongly urge you to watch movies directly from the theatres.

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