Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Result 10th Week: Ravi Krishna vs Baba Bhaskar, Ravi getting eliminated ?

The Telugu version of Bigg Boss Telugu has reportedly finished the 69th day right over the weekend. The chaos, fun, drama, as well as fights,  would continue towards a wider extent in the house of Bigg Boss Telugu 3. Varun and Rahul got into a fight and the rest of the housemates calmed both of them down.

In the meantime, Ali Reza is back in the house, and this is going to have a significant impact on voting in the following week. By the looks of it, Bigg Boss Telugu has finally entered the controversial phase where the contestants, as well as the audience, have begun to talk about the finals. As it is the ninth elimination of Telugu version of Bigg Boss, this week has proved to be very much crucial for the survival of the contestant.

bigg boss telugu vote

Sreemukhi was looking forward to heading toward the elimination round, however, winning the captaincy of the house has saved her this time. Moreover, several contestants have already been eliminated from the show.

Baba Bhaskar and Ravi is in sheer danger

Varun’s sharing of voting would be affected significantly as Varun-Vithika and Rahul-Punarnavi are the loggerheads. The most shocking thing about this week is that Ravi Krishna and Baba Bhaskar are trailing behind the other contestants in the significant polling result. Nevertheless, it is Baba Bhaskar who is currently in danger; Ravi Krishna isn’t safe either.

Sreemukhi was in the same position the week ago; however, she came out of the danger zone.

This voting share percentage for this week is listed below:

Varun is leading with 30% shares.

Ravi Krishna is trailing behind with 23% shares.

Baba Bhaskar is in danger zone with 21% shares.


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