Dom Season 2 Amazon Prime Series : Renewed or Cancelled?

By | August 12, 2021

The first season of Dom comprised eight episodes. Dom Season 1 became such a hit on Amazon Prime that the viewers wanted to know if the series will come back with Season 2. Dom Season 1, the Brazilian series first aired on Amazon Prime on 4 June 2021.

The Brazilian series grabbed the attention of a vast number of viewers, leaving them thirsty to know more. Dom Season 1 created a massive fanbase in a short period. IMDB has rated Dom Season 1 a 7.2, which proves that the Amazon Prime series is worth watching. Let’s know more about whether the series is returning with Season 2 on Amazon Prime.

Dom Season 2: Will Amazon Prime Renew or Cancel the Series?

It has not been long since Dom Season 1 aired on Amazon Prime. Considering this fact, there is still time for Amazon Prime to decide on canceling or renewing the series. Usually Amazon Prime takes little time to decide whether to continue with a series or cancel it. The decision depends on the verdict of the viewers.

Dom Season 1 had ended with a major cliffhanger that has left the audience with unanswered questions. There are chances that Amazon Prime will renew Dom for Season 2 as it had ended with a cliffhanger. Also, the response from the audience is positive. That has increased the chances of renewal of the series.

However, it is too early to predict whether Dom will be renewed for Season 2 or canceled. The viewers can hope for a positive response from Amazon Prime, but that will take some time. Till then, they can watch all the episodes on Season 1 and make assumptions about what the plot of Dom Season 2 might be.

Watch the trailer of Season 1 here:

Dom Season 2 Release Date

It is too early to comment anything on the release date of Dom Season 2, given the fact that the series is still not renewed by Amazon Prime.

However, if we follow the trend that Amazon Prime has followed all these years regarding the release of sequels, we can expect Season 2 to air around August 2022. Amazon Prime usually takes 14 to 18 months before airing the sequels of any release.


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