Forensic (Malayalam) Full Movie Download Leaked Online – Will It Affect The Box Office Collections? | Tovina Thomas, Mamata Mohandas

Forensic is a Malayalam film written and directed by Anas Khan and Akhil Paul starring Tovina Thomas, Mamata Mohandas, Renji Panikar and many more.

This film is produced by Navis Xavier, Siju Mathew under Juvis Productions Production company. the music director of this film is Jakes Bejoy and Akhil George is the cinematography of this film. Vishnu Govind and Sree Sankar are the sound designers of this film. The editor of this film is Shameer Muhammed.

Forensic Full Movie Download Leaked Online

This film was released on 28 Feb 2020 and got pirated on the same day itself. Nowadays piracy is becoming a big problem even with the finest care the pirate is getting a way to do their work. as a sincere citizen, we should not encourage this kind of activity.

We should all know that pirating a film is a punishable offense and should report if we find any kind of activity happening around us in theatres. piracy affects not only the producer but also directors and cast in the film.

But as the film is a crime-thriller film, we hope a larger number of the audience prefers to watch this film in theatres as it gives the best experience. Also, in case if you people don’t know, we are here to inform you that watching a film in piracy is a punishable offense that is illegal according to law and we should avoid piracy.

These kinds of films are made with a very low budget and aim for the breakeven at various places across it gets released. A film is made with so much money and hard work. avoiding film piracy can even help producers and distributors for the film who keep their money. So, film piracy can even affect the future of the film industry. Let us avoid piracy and let’s watch the movie in the theatres.


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