How E-Invoice Will Impact Business

GST is a law that has brought about a complete revolution in the way taxation works. Every industry, every business has been affected by GST, and both ways, positively and negatively. The regime has brought many new things in the picture, one of which is the extensive use of digitalization.

Digital India has been trending, and its use can be seen dramatically under the GST framework. You can have everything in a digital framework under the GST law. Be it GST registration portal, downloading GST certificates, or putting up queries and complaints; everything is available in a click. You can also have your bills and invoices issued online through e-invoices, with a GST billing software.

What is a GST Billing Software?

Technology has been advancing every day, and we have not failed to make full use of it. There is software for almost everything you need. And when it comes to GST, you get many of them. Having introduced GST In Digital India, GST Billing Software, online portals, registrations, and certificates, everything digital is what you get.

A GST billing software is a tool that makes the creation and issuance of invoices easier for the registered dealers. Just one click of a button, and you shall be ready with your GST compliant invoices. That’s the power of these software for GST billing.

How Should You Choose Your GST Billing Software?

There are many software out there, and deciding on the software you must use can be difficult. But you can make it easier. How? You just need to look out for some very important features in the software you are considering to use.


When you use a software for billing, you need to put up all the necessary information over it. The information is related to your transactions and is definitely confidential. So, you must have the assurance that the information goes over a secure platform and stays free of information tampering. Thus, security is the very first and most important feature that you should look for in your billing software.


You need to be very proactive under the GST regime. You may face the need for compliance and filings at any point in time. So, it is important that you have an all-time access to your billing software. You should be able to access it through any device, be it PCs, laptops, mobiles, tablets, or anything else. So, your software should be responsive and must have the ability to run on multiple platforms.


GST is a new law. However, even before it came, enterprises and businesses were using several software applications for managing their operations. Getting away with all of them and starting over with a new GST software is surely not a feasible option. What is needed is an integration between the existing and the new software. The GST software you choose must be flexible enough to carry out this integration.

Moreover, it should also have flexibility in its usage. It should have an interface that is user-friendly and easily understandable even by non-technical persons.

With all these features, you can easily create GST compliant invoices and meet all the requirements of the law. However, there was still a problem with these invoices. The invoices issued using one software were not readable by other software. So, there was a lack of uniformity in the invoices, and it was essential to overcome this issue. And for that reason, the system of e-invoicing was issued.

What are E-Invoices?

E-invoices are the invoices issued and sent electronically among the trading partners and businesses maintaining a record of their transactions. These invoices ensure uniformity in the accounting and transactional data of the business owners, making it easier for them to meet GST compliance.

The e-invoices have been a great help to the businesses and have impacted them in every positive manner. Here is how!

Impact of E-Invoices on Businesses

Effective and Efficient Billing

E-Invoices are generated through a software using automated systems. Automation means no human interference, and that means the elimination of possible errors from manual data entry. Moreover, the invoice will generate at a faster pace than with what a human could have generated it. So, e-invoicing will simply make the process faster and error-free, thus improving the effectiveness and efficiency of billing.

Reduced Cost

Having a software for maintaining your invoice function, does away with the need to have human resources perform the function. This can significantly reduce your costs and help you save money for other important functions.

Reduction of Input Tax Verification Issues

Input Tax is the tax that has already been paid for, and the businesses can claim credit for it. However, with manual billing, there are always possibilities of errors in claiming the credit, and that can affect the businesses a lot. With e-invoicing, all such issues get eliminated, and it considerably prevents the business from possible losses that might incur with manual billing.

Easy Verification

When you issue an e-invoice, it generates a draft before finalization. You can verify this draft and make sure all the information is correct before you file the final return.

Better Governance

With the manual billing, there were a lot of incidences of creation of fake bills and frauds. E-invoicing will eliminate all of this, and the businesses can govern themselves better, protecting themselves against frauds and other issues.


So, this was all about GST billing software and e-invoicing and how it has impacted the businesses. And the impacts have been very positive and advantageous in every manner.

The e-invoices have helped achieve uniformity and consistency, something very much required for businesses to maintain their GST transactions effectively. They have also gone a long way in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of transactions and helped deliver better experiences to the taxpayers.

With the power of digitalization, GST has been very successful in easing out the processes for the businesses. E-invoices are the most convenient solution businesses could have got for maintaining their transactions and billing. And a GST billing software is, without a doubt, a must-have for every taxpayer.


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