Mortel Season 3 : Updates on Renewal and Plot

By | July 24, 2021

Mortel Season 2 is a supernatural French series that premiered on Netflix on 2 July 2021. The second season has left the viewers curious to know more as it ended on a major cliffhanger. The audience is expecting Netflix to renew the series for another season.

The third season of this French series bagged an IMDB rating of 6.6. The viewers are curious to know how the story evolves as the second season left them with a cliffhanger. Any series that ends with a cliffhanger has hopes of coming back on the screens with another season. Let’s get into the details of Mortel Season 3.

Has Netflix Renewed or Cancelled Mortel Season 3

The sources have confirmed Netflix has no plans of renewing Mortel for Season 3. Even though it ended with a major cliffhanger with chances of developing if the story continues further, we are unsure if it will have another season.

Netflix has not made any announcements regarding Mortel Season 3. So there is still a chance that the officials might renew the series for another season later this year. If they consider the popularity of both the seasons of Mortel and renew the series for Season 3, that will perhaps be the last season of this series.

Watch the trailer of Mortel Season 2 here:

Mortel Season 2 Ending Explained

The ending of Mortel Season 2 focuses on Reda who leaves for Tatiana. Meanwhile, Sofiane, Victor and Luisa relax together after defeating Obe, the supernatural being in the French series. While they are relaxing and talking about the supernatural power, it manifests weirdly.

In Season 3, we might see Obe being reborn as a baby and causing destruction once again. The supernatural fictional drama has enthralled the audience to know more about magic and power. They want to know whether Obe is destroyed eternally or it can return.

The unanswered questions regarding Mortel Season 2 can be solved if the series is renewed for Season 3. We hope Netflix will soon have some good news for the fans who want to know more about the series. Till then, the viewers can binge-watch the other episodes already out on Netflix.

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