Operation Goldfish Full Movie Leaked Online on Tamil Rockers | Huge Setback For A Medium Budget Film?

Operation Goldfish has leaked in Tamilrockers and other prominent torrent piracy sites. It is almost a sure factor that any movie that releases anywhere in the world, will be leaked on the next day or the other.

Operation Goldfish which was released on October 18 got leaked today. The movie was without any question, with a huge potential to collect a lot of money from all over the state and other release locations.

Operation Gold Fish

India as a 3rd world country with a lot of population is considered a huge market for movies. Yet the advent of high-quality devices with almost up to the studio mark record quality that also with cheap cost made it so easy to shoot the movies from the theatre screens.

Now the movies are all pirated and published all over the internet at record speed. The whole Indian film industry is in trouble. A lion’s share of the audience is waiting for the internet pirated version of the movie. As it is more easy to access and no guilty feelings because “everyone does it nowadays” excuse.


Operation Goldfish leaked online is a movie talking about the true events inspired by the unprecedented exodus of a lot of Kashmiri Pandits. Even though it is a story from the 1980s, the filmmakers gave utmost care to give current events in Kashmir of Article 370 a shoutout. The movie is rich in action and exceptional music and video shooting quality.

Operation Goldfish is the kind of movie which could only be enjoyed if you watch it in theatre screens for total immersion in the way the makers intended.


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