Solo Leveling Anime Release Date: Adaption Announced?

Korean entertainment has taken the world by storm whether it be K-dramas, K-pop, or Korean Anime. The world has already fallen head over heels for Korean entertainment and Chugong’s Solo Leveling is one such South Korean Multimedia franchises that have formed a huge fanbase for itself.

Initially, the franchise had released a web novel in 2016 which was later adapted into a webtoon or KakaoPage in 2018. Seeing the immense love which Season 1 of the webtoon, with 110 episodes, received, Season 2 was announced. But the fans are not just waiting for season 2, they are wholeheartedly waiting for the franchise to release an anime. Many speculations and theories regarding anime adaptation are going around but are they true, Let’s find out.

Has Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation Announced and When is it releasing?

Fans around the world are craving badly for solo Leveling to be adapted into an Anime and for that, they had even started an online petition on to make their voice heard and bring it to the notice of various anime producers. Fans were even filling Netflix forms requesting it to bring the Solo Leveling Anime. In one of the Polls conducted by AnimeJapan in 2021, asking what manga or Asian comic should be adapted into an anime, the “Solo Leveling” came second.

Solo Leveling Anime Release Date
Solo Leveling Anime Release Date

Many Korean Manhwa like Tower Of God, The God of High School has already been adapted into Anime so adaptation of Solo Leveling is not an unlikely Phenomenon. The webtoon had an amazing storyline with the character of Jin-woo enchanting many in the audience.

Considering all these positives, we may get to hear the renewal announcement by the fall of 2021, though the release date may be pushed ahead because of the pandemic. A piece of incredible news for the fans is that the DNC webtoon had even released a Solo Leveling trailer on Youtube which indicates, that the chances for Solo Leveling Anime are high. In case it gets renewed, it would most probably be airing on streaming sites such as Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Solo Leveling Storyline:

Solo Leveling revolves around the weakest hunter named Jin Woo who accidentally gets into a dungeon that appears to be D-rank but is stronger. Jeep woo is about to accept his deadly fate when he realizes that he is indeed given superpowers and transformed into an S-rank hunter. The whole world wants such a hunter to fight the fantastical beasts that are invading the planet and killing humans, but all he wants is to be a Solo Leveler. Now it would be amazing to see him being transformed into an anime character.

Number of Episodes in Solo Leveling Anime:

The studio which will work on the anime will have the arduous task of working on 110 chapters of Manhwa to extract the story out. The anime may be divided into 2 seasons with each having 12 episodes if it is formed on the similar lines of Tower Of God. Though no official announcement has been made but let’s just keep our hopes alive and continue speculating.

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