Telangana Lockdown News Speculation : Night Curfew & Restrictions

By | May 4, 2021

Due to COVID-19, people are facing various restrictions. Now that the second wave has hit us, there are a lot of speculations about the current situation and further restrictions. And since the night curfew, people are wondering about upcoming lockdown restrictions.

Curfew Restriction & Lockdown News in Telangana

To prevent the spread of infection, the Telangana government has imposed a night curfew from 9 PM to 5 AM. Due to the rise in COVID cases, it is now extended for 7 days i.e. 8th May 2021.

Telangana Lockdown News Speculation : Night Curfew & Restrictions

Telangana Lockdown News Speculation: Night Curfew & Restrictions

The state government has also restricted the people to go outside without masks. And, people who fail to do so must pay the fine. Also, hand sanitizers are made available at entry/exit points of common areas.

Upcoming Lockdown Restrictions:

Union Home Ministry had already asked the states to impose local restrictions and implement strict containment measures to flatten the COVID-19 curve.

In this regard, CM KCR is expected to make an announcement very soon, which may also include upcoming restrictions and protocols that have to be followed. However, sources state that there might not be a complete lockdown in Telangana.

Due to the rapid increase of COVID cases, most of the states such as AP, Maharashtra, Karnakata, Gujarat, Delhi, etc, have decided on an extended lockdown or a complete lockdown. Reports say that from May 5th, the night curfew may start from 12 PM onwards in few states.

Number of Cases Reported in Telangana

As of today, the number of active cases in the state is 79,520. And, the recovery rate is reported to be 82.30 percent. About 6,876 new cases were reported today. Among them, more cases were recorded from the GHMC (i.e. 1,029).

Till now, 3,81,365 cases were recovered in Telangana whereas the total number of cases was 4,63,361. According to the sources, today, a total of 59 deaths were reported in Telangana.