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By | September 1, 2023

One safe stop for paying your trash bills- is the online platform you can use to pay your trash bills online! If you’re still wondering when you can switch to paying your trash bills online, now is your time to start using Trash Billing. We have all the key points to help you learn about the online platform and make bill payments on 

If you’re new to their services, or even if you’re just here to learn about paying trash bills online, this article can benefit you. Read on for more details about Trash Billing. 

What is

Trash Billing is an online agent of Trash and Refuse haulers, Septic, and Portable Toilet companies that help facilitate online payments between haulers and customers nationwide. Let’s break it down into more simple words. Trash Billing is an online payment service accessed through to pay for trash bills.


How does work?

Trash Flow, a trusted software for different businesses in the waste-hauling sector, powers the portal. Using this platform, the trash haulers and customers benefit as an online payment portal helps customers pay easily at their convenience, and haulers process them systematically. Upon entering, customers can pay their trash bills, view their accounts, and look up changes on their statements. All required is a working device with a good internet connection and your Customer ID, which can be found on the trash bill.

The portal of Trash Billing has a simple user interface, helping customers easily navigate the options available and make online payments in just a few clicks. Payments are accepted from your savings or checking account or credit card. After confirming with your trash hauler whether they use the online payment portal of Trash Billing, you can visit to pay your bills online. Let’s learn more about paying your trash bills online through Payments

How do you pay trash bills online using

Once you receive your bill and your hauler accepts payments made through Tarsh Billing, you can start your online payments by following these simple steps.

  • Visit on your device.
  • Move on to the first section on the webpage, “Pay your Trash Bill.”
  • Enter your 12-digit Customer ID in the marked field and click the “Submit” button.

The Customer ID will be denoted on your trash bill. If you misplace the bill, you can contact your hauler.

  • You will be redirected to your online trash bill, where you can confirm and proceed to make an online payment.
  • Choose a suitable payment option and continue toward the payment section.
  • After completing the payment, the transaction receipt will be displayed on the screen, which can be downloaded for your reference. 

Trash Billing will notify you regarding the payment within a short time via email. Trash Billing will also notify the haulers upon receipt of payments. 

However, online payment of trash bills is not the only service the Trash Billing portal provides. Customers can also view their account and trash bill charges on their statements online through

How do you view your online account on

  • To view your Trash Billing account online, visit the website
  • Head to the section marked “View your Account.”
  • Enter your 12-digit Customer ID in the given field. (Refer to your trash bill for Customer ID.)
  • Click on the “Login to your Account” option to be redirected to your dashboard at

How do you look up charges on the statement from

  • Visit the website of the Trash Billing portal at
  • On the section marked “What is this Charge on my statement,” click on the option “Look up Change.”
  • There are two sections for looking up statements on the Trash Billing portal for Credit/Debit Card transactions and Electronic Transfers. 
  • On your respective section, enter the last four digits of your card or bank account, the date on which the charge occurred, and the amount of the charge. 
  • Then click on the “Lookup Charge” button.”

If you do not remember the type of your transaction, carefully read the instructions displayed on the screen for assistance. 

Even then, certain doubts could be running across your mind right now. Check out the frequently asked questions regarding and their services in the below section.

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Is Trash Billing a hauling service?

Trash Billing is an online payment platform that helps customers pay their trash bills and haulers receive them. 

Does accept Card payments?

Trash Billing accepts payments via Visa, Mastercard, Discover Cards, and American Express.

Does provide automatic payment?

Auto-pay can be set up and canceled by contacting your trash hauler if they provide automatic payment options. 

For more details, such as the Trash Billing platform’s privacy policy or terms of service, you can visit their website at If you face any difficulties making a payment, require assistance, or seek answers to your queries, you can always contact the dedicated team at Customer Support

How to contact Customer Support?



Phone: 9-5 Eastern Time M-F 802-560-3595

Mailing Address:, 2933 Waterbury-Stowe Rd, Bldg #1, Waterbury Ctr, VT 05677

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