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By | July 12, 2021

Season 1 of Yellowstone was released on 20 June 2018. The drama was a massive hit among the viewers ever since the first season was released. It is a series produced by Taylor Sheridon and John Linson on the Paramount Network. The plot revolves around the Dutton family and the Native reservations. All three seasons of this family drama gained tremendous appreciation from the audience.

The Duttons have received appreciation among the fans of Yellowstone. The viewers wish to see and know more about the family. Even before Season 3 was released, the Paramount Network had announced about the fourth season of the show. The announcement created a significant deal of excitement among the fans.

Release Date of Yellowstone Season 4

The much anticipated fourth season of Yellowstone was supposed to release in the summer of 2021 just like the previous seasons but the premiere got delayed. Now it is all set to release in the fall of 2021, that is in November. There is no official announcement regarding the date by Paramount. The audience will once again get to watch their favorite family on screen, this year.

According to predictions, Season 4 will be as dramatic as the last season. The fourth season will reveal more information about the characters. The audience can expect to learn about Jamie’s history, Jimmy’s future, and Beth and Rip’s relationship. Season 4 will provide the audience with a detailed cinematic experience so that they can retain their interest in this popular family drama.


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Where to Watch Yellowstone?

The three seasons of Yellowstone are not available on Netflix as of now. To watch the seasons, you can either stream it on Peacock or watch it on Amazon Prime.



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