5 Tips To Have The Best Mobile Gaming Experience

The chances are, you want to have the best mobile gaming experience all the time. Well, it does not matter if you are playing an online slot game, play blackjack online in India or any other online game; with this short document, you will learn what you must do to have the best gaming experience. 

  1. Invest On The Right Device 

Did you know that the device you choose will affect your gaming experience? As such, we recommend spending money on a dedicated gaming smartphone, if you can afford them. Nonetheless, we recommend choosing an android phone that has:

  • The best screen refresh rate 
  • Fast charging technology 
  • Adequate storage space 
  • With a recent android version 
  • A big screen (preferably not less than 5.7 inches) 
  • A powerful and long-lasting battery life 
  • With the best graphics processor and RAM 

Consider the latest device with the best spec to have the best experience in your gaming progress. The truth is that investing in the best brand may be expensive.  

  1. Kill Background Apps 

Your device can perform much better when you limit apps running in the background, and you are not using them.  Remember, all running apps use a part of the total RAM available even when you are not using the app or have a good quality smartphone. What does this mean? Well, it simply means that you will be sharing memory space with apps that are running in the background, and you are not using them. 

Killing these apps will help you improve other functions, such as gaming. Doing this will reduce lags, improve screen refresh rate, have overall performance, and improve loading time.

  1. Have A Fully Charged Battery 

Today, smartphones are getting smarter each day. This can be proven by the way they manage the resources available to them, like the battery. When the battery is fully charged, you get access to full power. With this in mind, having a fully charged smartphone can improve your gameplay. When the battery levels drop, it will try to manage the battery. 

For this reason, when the battery level drops, the smartphone decreases gameplay. One of the main reasons why it happens is that the phone limits RAM allocation as well as decreases graphic functions.  This is why it is paramount to ensure that you have fully charged your phone especially when it comes to games that demand graphics. 

  1. Cooling 

When you use a device, the components within that device begins to heat up, especially if one has been playing for a long time or the game is of higher graphics. The rate of heating is determined by the graphic capabilities and time playing on the game. Remember, many smartphones do not have dedicated systems for cooling. 

As such, to improve your game experience, it is important to ensure your smartphone does not get hot unreasonably. The million-dollar question is – how do you prevent your smartphone from overheating? Well, first, ensure you are working your phone in a well-ventilated environment. Prevent working while the phone is plugged in.

Finally, take off the external casing or pouch when playing casino games. External cases act as a blanket and prevent cooling and may lead to a build-up of internal heat. 

  1. Turn On The DND 

When it comes to online casino games, a simple distraction or disconnection can be costly.  For example, a call comes in while playing a casino game is a distraction many players experience. Many of these games are coded in a way that – if such a distraction occurs, it will remove you from the game. 

As such, when it happens, you will have to forfeit your current active game to your opponents. Therefore, how do you get rid of this problem? First, turn on your airplane mode and connect using Wi-Fi only. If you do not have a Wi-Fi connection, then this might not be the solution for you. 

This is where the DND function comes into play. The moment you turn on this function, it prevents the phone from getting notifications, taking calls, or receiving text messages. Do not be a victim of losses caused by unwanted distractions such as a call or text, especially when you are ahead.


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