Product Marketer and Growth Manager – The Two Cogs in the Machine your Business Needs

Just like the agglomeration of businesses in the market today, you are probably doing, or think you are doing everything you can to get a leg up on your competition. However, chances are, in this age of trend and sudden change, that you have not considered the idea of getting a product marketer and growth manager on board to take your business to the top.

Product Marketing

What is product marketing? Product marketing is, fundamentally, the process of bringing a product to the market and gauging its success.

Product marketers focus on understanding their customers and marketing accordingly. They play an instrumental role in the demand and usage of the product.

What is the role of a Product Marketer?

Product marketers are responsible for the following:

  • Making sure that the product in question is correctly positioned in the market
  • Making sure that sales and marketing teams have the required know-how to attract new customers.
  • Making sure that the product suits the needs of the target audience
  • Making sure the product demand and adoption are steadily and continuously increasing
  • Ensuring the product’s relevance despite changes in the market.

A product marketer has specific responsibilities at each stage of the product launch.

  • Developing a Customer Base

In the first stage, which is during the pre-launch, a product marketer needs to define the target market and to understand potential customers.

  • Positioning & Messaging

In this stage, the marketer has to use whatever learns in stage one and formulate an actionable plan.

This usually manifests in a positioning document or a list of key messages. To ensure the product is appropriately positioned, product marketers try to answer the following questions: Who is this product for? What does this product do? Why is this product different than everything else in the market?

  • Teaching Positioning & Messaging to the Rest of the Company

Once positioning and messaging is developed, the product marketer has to make sure that everyone at the company understands it and is on the same page.

  • Formulating a Launch plan

Product marketers own and are in charge of the creation of a launch plan. Creating the launch involves several teams across an organization, including traditional marketing, sales, support, among others.

Product marketers are judged on their ability to create demand, which is why formulating a successful launch plan is critical.

  • Producing Launch Content

Creating content for the launch is another crucial step. Product marketers usually work with the company to provide pre-launch material, which includes blogs, landing pages, and so forth.

  • Preparing The Team

The company has to be ready with everything before the product launch. The website has to be glitch-free, and they need to be prepared to answer customers’ calls.

  • Product Launch

You will be able to gauge the product’s success after the launch. Good product marketers can think on their feet and salvage the situation regardless of what happens.

Growth Manager

What is a growth manager? A Growth Manager is hired by companies for the sole purpose of growth – in reach and the revenue of the company.

A growth manager looks at data and results to grow the company instead of building companies that are fueled by hype and publicity.

Why Should you hire a Growth Manager?

  • To monitor the Company’s Growth

A growth manager keeps a keen eye on the company’s growth and makes the necessary recommendations to change the functions of the company to accelerate its growth. The growth manager can make a variety of suggestions, some of which are cost-cutting and introducing new strategies.

  • To Track the Target Market

The growth manager makes sure he understands the company’s target market and ensures the company’s products sit well with the market. To do this, the growth manager carefully analyzes the market data and develops excellent strategies to further the company’s products.

  • To Manage the Reputation of the Company

With the viral nature of the internet, it can take a mere few bad reviews to create a negative perception of the brand. A negative perception of the brand can erode the company’s reputation over time. Fortunately, a growth manager can fix this.

  • Predicting Market Trends

A sizeable part of the growth manager’s job is to predict market trends, thereby allowing companies to modify their products and marketing strategies. If you want to be effective in catering to your future target audience, anticipating market trends will give you the edge over your competition.

What Should you look for in a Growth Manager?

In most cases, the job of a growth manager is multi-faceted. Excellent growth managers are hard to come by as they embody certain desirable qualities that keep them ahead of their competition. Here’s what you should look for in a growth manager:

A growth manager needs to have a fundamental understanding of finance and commercial success criteria to run a lucrative business. He should also know how to make smart financial decisions.

Strong growth managers can influence and initiate change when required. Often, you will need to get the perspective of an outsider who knows what he is doing. In other words, growth managers need to have a certain level of leadership skills to be able to convey the ideas they have, as clearly as possible.

Finally, growth managers need to be willing to push the envelope and break new ground.


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