How to Get a Bachelor in Health Administration

By | September 1, 2023

Do you have the dream of getting a bachelor’s degree in health administration and you are looking for ways to go about it? Then you might find some helpful tips to guide you in this article. Since you have decided on this field of study, it is important that you get a review of the requirements.

Health administration refers to the management of non-clinical operations that are involved in the day-to-day running of a medical facility. It includes operations like staffing, budgeting, strategic planning, and other activities geared towards the smooth running of the system.

If you are seeking to get a Bachelor in Health Administration, you need to understand the requirements in terms of academic qualifications and job opportunities. The knowledge of this will guide you in taking the right steps towards realizing your dream

Roles of a Health Administrator

The following are some roles of a healthcare administrator:

Management of Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare administrators manage medical personnel and facilities to ensure efficiency. It is their job to identify problems in the facility and recommend measures that can be taken to resolve these issues.

Collation of Relevant Data

Healthcare administrators are good with numbers. They are responsible for the collation of relevant data in the facility which is used for audit and other internal evaluations. They understand the role of the individual units in a medical facility and they know how to prepare reports to reflect their operations.

Public Health

While some may choose to work in a medical facility, others prefer to be in the field. Healthcare administrators can work as primary health care officers managing diseases and preventing illness at the grassroots or community level. With this, they gain more field experience and become even more versatile than before.

Public Policy

They are in charge of policymaking in a health facility. They look at trends in the system and adjust their facility to reflect the changes that have been made. They also come up with new policies that are geared towards an improved healthcare delivery. 

Making organizational policies requires a lot of research and planning to make it work. If you need tips on how to develop policies and procedures, you can check here:

How to Ge a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Administration

Have you been searching for tips to guide you? here are some of them:

Academic Requirements

Academic requirements for this field are dependent on the local education ministry and department in your region. Most regions have a set standard pegged at five credits in relevant courses while some require less. 

However, getting a degree in health administration requires credits in liberal arts like social sciences and humanities. It is important that you check what is obtainable in your region before deciding.

Admission Requirements

The requirements for admission vary according to the school involved. Because it’s an undergraduate program, admission is handled by the faculty. You may be asked to hand in another application form to the health administration program. The minimum GPA required falls within 2.5 and 3.0.

To process your admission, you will need to hand in a letter of recommendation, transcripts, SAT or, ACT scores. You will also be required to pay a fee for the application process.

Courses Available in Health Administration 

While the coursework varies according to program and the institution involved, the following are some courses you may expect:

  1. Healthcare Economics: This course explores the application of economic theories in the health industry.
  2. Healthcare Law and Ethics: This course introduces students to healthcare laws that govern the field. 
  3. Healthcare Accounting and Finance: This course looks at the general financial operations in healthcare institutions.

These are some tips to help you with getting a bachelor’s degree in Health administration. If you need more tips, you can search the internet. Additionally, it is important that you check properly before going for a course of study. If you need help with factors to consider before choosing a field of study, you can check here.


Choosing a career in health administration requires that you get a bachelor’s degree. With this, you get exposed to different areas in the medical profession that require the services of a healthcare administrator. We have outlined some tips to help you with the process. Feel free to check them out.

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