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By | September 2, 2023

Tncompass Login: Tncompass is an educator talent management system developed by the Tennessee Department of Education in partnership with RANDA Solutions. The system securely collects, stores, and displays evaluation, licensure, preparation, discipline, experience, and compensation data for all educators in the state of Tennessee. To access these features, educators must first register for a Tncompass account.

Tncompass Login Account Registration

To register for a Tncompass account, educators must follow a few simple steps.

First, they must visit the Tncompass login page and click the “Register Now” button.

Next, they will be prompted to enter their personal information, including their name, email address, and date of birth. They will also need to create a unique username and password.

After completing the registration process, educators will receive an email with a link to activate their account. Once their account is activated, they can log in to Tncompass and use the system’s features.

Account Management

Once educators have registered for a Tncompass account, they can manage their account settings and information. This includes updating their personal information, changing their password, and setting up security questions to help protect their account.

In addition, educators can use Tncompass to track their licensure status, view their professional development points, and access other important information related to their career as an educator in Tennessee.

Overall, Tncompass provides educators a powerful tool for managing their professional development and licensure requirements. By registering for an account and taking advantage of the system’s features, educators can stay on top of their career goals and ensure they meet the highest standards of excellence.

Tncompass Login

Educator Licensure in Tennessee

License Types

Tennessee offers several types of licenses for educators, including the Practitioner License, the Professional License, the Apprentice License, and the Transitional License. The type of license an educator needs depends on their qualifications and experience.

The Practitioner License is for educators who have completed an approved teacher preparation program and have passed the required Praxis exams. The Professional License is for educators who have completed a master’s degree and have at least three years of teaching experience. The Apprentice License is for educators enrolled in an approved teacher preparation program and completing their student teaching. The Transitional License is for educators with bachelor’s degrees in a subject area who teach that subject while completing an approved teacher preparation program.

License Application Process

To apply for a Tennessee educator license, educators must register for a TNCompass account and submit their application electronically. All licensure transactions, including applications, renewals, and advancements, must be submitted through TNCompass. The department no longer accepts paper applications.

To apply for a license, educators must provide documentation of their qualifications, including transcripts, Praxis scores, and a criminal background check. Educators must also complete any required professional development and pay the appropriate fees.

Out-of-State License Transfer

Educators with valid teaching licenses from another state may be eligible for a Tennessee license through reciprocity. To transfer an out-of-state license, educators must provide documentation of their qualifications, including transcripts, test scores, and a copy of their out-of-state license.

The Tennessee Department of Education will review the documentation and determine if the educator meets the qualifications for a Tennessee license. If approved, the educator will be issued a Tennessee license with the same endorsement areas as their out-of-state license.

Obtaining a Tennessee educator license is straightforward and can be completed online through TNCompass. Educators should ensure they meet the qualifications for their desired license type and provide all required documentation to avoid delays in the licensure process.

Navigating the Tncompass Platform

Tncompass is an educator talent management system that securely collects, stores, and displays evaluation, licensure, preparation, discipline, experience, and compensation data for all educators in Tennessee. The user-friendly platform has three main tabs: Licensure, Preparation, and Transactions. In this section, we will explore how to navigate the Tncompass platform.

Licensure Tab

The Licensure tab is where educators can view and manage their licensure information. This tab includes information such as license type, expiration date, and renewal status. Educators can also view their endorsements and add new endorsements if necessary.

To access the Licensure tab, educators must log in to their Tncompass account and click the Licensure tab on the dashboard. Once on the Licensure tab, educators can view their information and make updates as needed.

Preparation Tab

The Preparation tab is where educators can view their preparation program information. This tab includes program type, completion date, and program status. Educators can also view their test scores and add new ones if necessary.

To access the Preparation tab, educators must log in to their Tncompass account and click on the Preparation tab on the dashboard. Once on the Preparation tab, educators can view their information and make updates as needed.

Transactions Tab

The Transactions tab is where educators can view and manage their licensure transactions. This tab includes information such as application status, payment status, and transaction history. Educators can also submit new licensure applications and renewals through this tab.

To access the Transactions tab, educators must log in to their Tncompass account and click on the Transactions tab located on the dashboard. Once on the Transactions tab, educators can view their information and make updates as needed.

Overall, navigating the Tncompass platform is straightforward and user-friendly. Educators can easily access and manage their licensure, preparation, and transaction information through the Licensure, Preparation, and Transactions tabs. The platform is a valuable tool for educators in Tennessee and is supported by the LEA and the Department of Education.

Evaluations and Observations

Evaluation Process

TNCompass provides a streamlined evaluation process for educators in Tennessee. The platform allows educators to view their evaluation data and progress and access resources and support. The evaluation process includes self-reflection, student growth measures, and observation feedback.

The evaluation process is based on the Tennessee Educator Acceleration Model (TEAM), which includes a rubric for evaluating educators on various domains, such as planning and preparation, instruction, and professional responsibilities. The TEAM model is designed to support continuous improvement and professional growth for educators.

To begin the evaluation process, educators must log in to TNCompass and select “My Current Evaluation” in the window’s top right corner. The platform will guide educators through the evaluation process, including setting goals, completing self-reflection, and submitting evidence of their practice.

Observation Feedback

Observation feedback is a crucial component of the evaluation process in TNCompass. Educators are observed by their evaluators, who provide feedback on their practice based on the TEAM rubric. The observation feedback is used to support ongoing growth and development for educators.

Observation feedback in TNCompass includes both formal and informal observations. Formal observations are scheduled in advance and include pre-observation, observation, and post-observation conferences. Informal observations can be conducted at any time and provide ongoing feedback to educators.

Observation feedback is documented in TNCompass and is available for educators to review and reflect upon. The feedback is an important tool for educators to use in their ongoing professional growth and development.

Overall, TNCompass provides a user-friendly and comprehensive platform for evaluating and observing educators in Tennessee. The platform supports continuous improvement and growth for educators while providing valuable feedback to support their practice.

Professional Development and Preparation

Professional Development Points

TNCompass offers a platform for educators to earn and track professional development points (PDPs) required for licensure advancement or renewal. Educators staffed in Tennessee school districts can enter their PDPs into TNCompass, and appropriate district staff approve or deny PDPs based on state policy. The state policy regarding PDPs is outlined in Educator Licensure Policy 5.502.

To earn PDPs, educators can participate in various professional development opportunities such as conferences, workshops, and online courses. The number of PDPs awarded for each opportunity varies depending on the duration and content of the opportunity. Educators can earn PDPs by participating in mentoring programs, serving on committees, or presenting at conferences.

Preparation Strategies

TNCompass provides resources and information to support educators in their preparation for licensure exams. Educators can access study guides, practice tests, and test-taking strategies through TNCompass. Additionally, TNCompass offers preparation courses for some licensure exams.

Educators can also seek support from their school district or professional organizations for preparation strategies. School districts may offer licensure exam preparation courses or provide access to study materials. Professional organizations may offer workshops or resources specific to their subject area.

In addition to exam preparation, educators can engage in ongoing professional development to improve their knowledge and skills in their subject area. This ongoing learning can be accomplished through attending conferences, participating in professional learning communities, or pursuing advanced degrees.

Overall, TNCompass provides a platform for educators to track their professional development and prepare for licensure exams. With the support of their school district and professional organizations, educators can engage in ongoing learning and development to improve their teaching and advance their careers.

Document and Transcript Management

Tncompass Login provides educators with a convenient way to manage their documents and transcripts. The platform allows users to upload and attach documents to their profile and upload official transcripts directly from the National Student Clearinghouse.

Transcript Upload

Educators can easily upload official transcripts to their Tncompass account through the Transcript Upload feature. This feature allows users to request official transcripts from the National Student Clearinghouse and have them sent directly to their Tncompass account.

Once the transcript is uploaded, it will be reviewed by the Tennessee Department of Education to ensure that all requirements have been met. Users can check the status of their transcript upload through their Tncompass account.

Document Attachments

In addition to transcripts, educators can also attach other relevant documents to their Tncompass account. This includes certificates, licenses, and other professional development records.

Users can navigate to the “Attachments” section of their Tncompass account to attach a document and select the appropriate document type. They can then upload the document and add any necessary information, such as the date of completion or the name of the issuing organization.

Tncompass Login provides educators a comprehensive platform for managing their documents and transcripts. With features such as Transcript Upload and Document Attachments, educators can easily keep track of their professional development records and ensure they are up-to-date with all requirements.

Special Cases in Licensure


Adding an endorsement to their license is common for licensed educators in Tennessee. However, some special cases may require additional steps. For example, if an educator wants to add an endorsement in Mathematics 6-10, they must have completed at least 24 semester hours in mathematics courses. Additionally, if an endorsement requires a specific degree, such as a Master’s degree in Library Science for a School Librarian endorsement, the educator must provide proof of that degree.

Reactivation of License

If an educator’s license has expired for more than one year, they must complete additional requirements to reactivate their license. They must complete at least one semester hour of coursework related to their license area or complete a professional development plan approved by the Tennessee Department of Education. If an educator’s license has been expired for more than five years, they must complete additional coursework and pass the appropriate Praxis exam.

In some cases, an educator may be eligible for a reactivation waiver. This waiver is available to educators who have been out of the classroom for more than one year due to military service, illness, or other extenuating circumstances. The waiver allows the educator to reactivate their license without completing additional coursework or passing the Praxis exam.

Adding endorsements or reactivating a license can be complex and require careful attention to detail. Educators should consult the Tennessee Department of Education’s website and TNCompass for specific requirements and instructions.

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Contact and Support

Email Support

For any technical issues or questions regarding TNCompass login, users can contact the TNCompass support team at [email protected]. When sending an email, users are encouraged to provide their name as it appears in their TNCompass account and their license number or the last four digits of their social security number to expedite the response time.

Department Contacts

Users can also contact the Tennessee Department of Education for assistance with TNCompass login or related inquiries. The department can be reached at (615) 741-5158 or at [email protected].

In addition, the State Board of Education can support educators who need assistance with licensure transactions or any other related issues. The board can be contacted at (615) 741-2966.

It is recommended that users have their license number or the last four digits of their social security number available when contacting either the department or the board for assistance.

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