Leverage Season 6: Release Date | What We Know So Far!!

By | August 10, 2021

Some great Crime drama shows like Ozark have aired in recent times. It has impelled the show makers to explore this genre like never before. Leverage ran from 2008 to 2012. Along the way, it went through many negative phases but it’s finally ready to make a comeback.

The character-driven story had an amazing plotline. Even though the show had to deal with low trp in its final days, there was always room for more. This will soon be possible with the release of Leverage: Season 6. The show follows a group of high tech crooks who attempt to steal from wealthy criminals and ruthless and corrupt businessmen.

Leverage Season 6: Release Date

The most faithful fans of the Leverage are extremely happy right now. As the makers have brought bonus episodes this time. The trailer for the show, released on May 3, 2021, created the right amount of frenzy. Then the first 8 episodes releasing on July 9, 2021.

Leverage Season 6: Release Date

Leverage Season 6: Release Date

The remaining 8 episodes release by the last quarter of 2021. The exact date for the release of the second half isn’t announced yet.

Leverage Season 6: Cast and Crew

Like the other seasons, Season 6 is helmed by creators John Rogers and Chris Downey. Many cast members from the previous season have returned. These include Beth Riesgraf playing Parker, Gina Bellman playing Sophie Devereaux, Christian Kane playing Eliot Spencer, and Aldis Hodge.

Leverage Season 6: Release Date

Leverage Season 6: Release Date

We also have a brand new lead, who is none other than Noah Wyle. Also, Alyese Shannon is a part of the show who will be playing the character of Breanna Casey.

Where can You Watch Leverage Season 6?

The show is currently available to stream online on IMDbTV. It is a free ad-supported streaming service.

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