Family Man Season 2 Telugu and Tamil Version – Release Dates

By | June 22, 2021

After leaving us on a cliffhanger at the end of the last episode of the first season, The Family Man has recently released the second season. The Family Man Season 2 hit the screens on 3rd June amidst the lockdown, and as expected, the sequel is a huge hit again. The second season was available a day earlier than the scheduled date of 4th June.

The Family Man Season 2 – Telugu Audio version release Date

After several requests from the fans through social media, the Amazon help page responded with a tweet saying that the language options will be “Added soon.” Though the team announces no confirmed date, it is safe to assume that the versions will be available.  As the platform ensures that the “technical difficulties” are the reason for the missing regional dialects, we can expect the team to get them sorted soon.

family man Season 2 telugu tamil audio release date

family man Season 2 Telugu & Tamil audio release date

Today, the show is only available in Hindi(with English subtitles), and other language options are still missing. Keep up with us, and we will bring you all the news.

Audio Versions in The Family Man Season 2

The show is currently available with nine episodes, with each one spanning between 40 to 60 minutes, but all the episodes are only available in Hindi and subtitled in English. The Telugu and Tamil audio versions are still missing from the show.

The Family Man Season 2 – Controversy

Even before the release, the second season’s trailer stirred controversy as many have raised objections that the show has Tamilians negatively, and there were even demands of banning the show. Among these protests, the show got released but without the South Indian audio versions.

Understandably, the protests went around; the show was even expected to be halted in the South Indian states. Anyway, the show was aired successfully, and immediately, there have been requests from the fans for the Tamil and Telugu dubbed versions of the show. With Samantha Akkineni being part of the second season, the series is even closer to the Telugu audience.