Outer banks Season 2 Release date and all you need to know

By | June 24, 2021

Buckle up to get back in the Gold Game

**Spoiler Alert of Season 1**

After more than a year under pandemic-induced confinement, the teaser for Netflix’s soapy adolescent drama Outer Banks left us yearning for a tan and a fictitious summer romance. Outer Banks, a new Netflix series, follows a gang of local teenagers known as Pogues as they search for a treasure hidden in their neighborhood, which begins with a boat.

Above all, it left us yearning for a second season so we could make sense of the show’s bizarre closing episode, which for sure is going to blow our heads off!

Cheers to our Outer Banks aspirations are, thankfully, coming true.

If you haven’t watched Season one yet, here is the Outer Banks Season 1

Outer banks Season 2 Release Date:

The last episode of the first season ended on a dramatic cliffhanger, with Pogue crew member John B. and Sarah scrambling to avoid the cops when Sarah’s father frames him for murder. Even though they departed North Carolina’s Outer Banks, supporters shouldn’t rule out a triumphant return to the islands. But, to return to the point, who wants to wait for drama after such an amazing Season 1? So beats roll, and the official news is (DRUM BEATS)

SEASON 2 Premiere is scheduled to air on July 30, 2021, which you can watch on Netflix with your favorite popcorns, of course.



A Season Full of Unpredictable Action:

The season 2 teaser trailer has been enough to get us excited for the summer’s big drop, featuring vehicle chases, huge sailboats, and some incredibly breathtaking sunsets. Unfortunately, it didn’t disclose too much—which we like! Because who wants a suspense killer, right?

But it did give us a flavor of the tone of the following chapter: With a bright, sensual edge, it’s thrilling and spiteful.

In case you have missed watching the Outer Banks 2 Teaser, please check it below.

Cast and filming of Outer Banks 2:

The second season began filming in September 2020 in Charleston, South Carolina. After the season 2 filming concluded in April 2021, some cast members turned to social media to reflect on the experience. All the COVID protocols were in place and taken care of. The filming ended in January 2021, following which they traveled to Barbados to shoot the balance of the series, which they completed in early April 2021.

You can check out their Instagram page and Twitter page for more fan updates and filming photos.


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